LANLine Tech Forum – München 06.02. – 07.02.2018

Die LANline Tech Foren zur Verkabelung, Netze und Infrastruktur sind seit vielen Jahren als fester Bestandteil des Kalenders für Infrastrukturexperten bei der Office-, RZ- und Gebäudeverkabelung etabliert. Die Foren stehen für hohe Qualität der herstellerneutralen Technikvorträge im Plenum ebenso wie bei der Präsentation neuer Lösungen in Produktvorträgen und in der angegliederten Ausstellung. Wir freuen uns auf […]

ANEDIS supports social projects – 2017

For years now, it has become a good habit for us to donate a large share of the money provided for gifts for our customers and suppliers at Christmas in support of social projects. This year we will support with an amount of 2,000 Euro: für Kinder, die uns brauchen e. V. This non-profit […]

government-funded trainings for fiber installation experts

The organization VDE conducts in cooperation with ANEDiS GmbH government-funded trainings for fiber installation experts. The training imparts basic abilities and skills about fiber installation and fiber-optics technologies. Upon successful completion of the training the trained persons will know the fundamental fiber-optics technologies. The participants will get knowledge about the construction, installation, splicing, and termination […]

VIAVI Trade-UP 2017 – Get cash when you trade up!

Trade-Up: Certify both copper and fiber networks quickly, completely, and correctly. Buy a qualifying handheld tester, and get cash when you trade in a CAT5 or higher cable certifier, Validator/ValidatorPRO, optical loss test set, or OTDR. Bundle to get even more cash back! Step 1: Buy products at multiple levels Step 2: Trade in a […]

5. Bayerisches Breitbandforum

5. Bayerisches Breitbandforum in Essenbach (bei Landshut). Bei der Versorgung der bayerischen Bevölkerung mit ausreichenden Kapazitäten für ein schnelles Internet stehen die hiesigen Kommunen vor sehr großen finanziellen, technischen und rechtlichen Herausforderungen. Dabei müssen sie mit dem Geld ihrer Bürger sorgsam wirtschaften. Die Bereitstellung von schnellem Internet ist eine zentrale Aufgabe der Daseinsvorsorge. Nur durch […]

BBWF 2017 – Broadband World Forum

BBWF 2017 – Broadband World Forum »Digital Regions – Today and Tomorrow« The Broadband World Forum is a worldwide meeting place for executives from the international broadband industry, presenting the latest technologies and trends in digitalization. The accompanying exhibition in the atene KOM-hall presents technologies for touching and creates links for visitors to exchange views. […]

broadband congress of the FRK 2017

The broadband congress of the FRK is the most important branch meeting for Central Germany. Further information and details on the topics and speakers can be found at

Partnership with WAYSTREAM

strategic partnership with ANEDIS Waystream, who develops and sells advanced digital infrastructure such as switches and routers for broadband fiber networks, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Anedis GmbH, a German distributor and system integrator. The partnership means that Anedis will strengthen its portfolio of network and measurement technology with Waystream’s active network technology. Anedis is a […]

Solutions for leakage detection in CATV-Networks

ComSonics is the global leader in proactive plant maintenance, providing solutions to ensure HFC plant integrity and performance improvement. Together with ANEDIS ComSonics is offering a complete solution for Monitoring and detection of leakage in CATV-Networks. The new equipment detects the laekage on QAM-Markers-Signals and on the pilotfrequncies in OFDM DOCSIS 3.1 Signals.

ANGACOM 2017 – Thank you!

The ANGACOM 2017 stood for us under the motto „With DOCSIS 3.1 and FttH to the Gigabit Age”. Although the announced political target of a broadband supply with at least 50 Mbit/s has not been achieved yet for everybody in Germany, the telecommunications industry is facing a paradigm change. With current DOCSIS 3.1 and FTTH […]