Staffelübergabe bei ANEDiS

ANEDiS Managing Director Tilo Heinrich hands over the baton to Jan Müller

This year begins and ends with change, as our Managing Director Tilo Heinrich handed over the baton to Jan Müller at our Christmas party last week, and not just symbolically. For this reason, Mr Heinrich is addressing you today with special words in advance of the end of the year:

Dear customers and partners,

The year 2023 is drawing to a close and this year I would like to give my Christmas greetings a special motto:

“It’s time to say thank you for what was, so that what will be begins under a good star”.

ANEDiS has been part of the Netceed Group (formerly ETC Group) since 1 July 2023 and is therefore part of a leading global group of companies in the telecommunications and broadband industry founded by Cedric Varasteh in 1993.

My path into the broadband industry also began in 1993 when I joined BKAV GmbH, a distribution company, as Sales Manager, and fortunately the founding of ANEDiS GmbH on 1 April 2005 did not end as an April Fool’s joke.

Our slogan was and is: “We are the link between manufacturer and customer” and I am grateful to have mastered all the ups and downs with a wonderful team for more than 18 years in order to always fulfil this claim with passion for our customers.

I have always been driven and deeply impressed by the enormous intensity of the relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers.

I am very grateful for this time, for the valuable encounters and experiences with different people, friends and partners all over the world, and I will remember them fondly.

I will not forget the fears, the difficulties, the downturns, the commercial extinction of products during technology changes and the associated challenges through which I led the company and the employees. Employees also measure you on things like safety, empathy and willingness to break established rules to help them.

Whatever you do, do it wisely and consider the end” is a saying by the Greek historian Herodotus. From my point of view, the wise thing to do now is to take a break from the front row and spend time with my wonderful wife, children and grandchildren. Time that I have largely dedicated to the company over the past 30 years.

There is still a lot to do in 2024 and so I am handing over the baton to Jan Müller, who has already supported me as Co-Managing Director in recent months.

Jan brings 11 years of experience to our company, is a great leader and will successfully master the challenges ahead of him.

Personally, I look back on the last 30 years in this industry with great gratitude and say:

“It has been an honour to work with you all these years”.

I wish you all a wonderful pre-Christmas period, a Merry Christmas with your families and a good start to 2024.

Kind regards

Tilo Heinrich