Important: VIAVI System Upgrade Dec 22 – Device Compatibility Changes

Please be advised of the following changes in instrument compatibility that will occur with the StrataSync 15.0 system upgrade currently planned for December 2022.

StrataSync 15.0 release will contain important security updates due to the continual advancement of system security. Instruments must have a minimum firmware version installed which support up-to-date security standards to maintain instrument interoperability with StrataSync beginning with VIAVI’s update to StrataSync 15.0. Subsequently, some discontinued instruments and some software utilities will have reached StrataSync end-of-life and will no longer be supported by StrataSync beginning with the StrataSync 15.0 upgrade. Please reference the StrataSync 15.0 Instrument Compliance Matrix below for details on specific firmware compatibility by VIAVI product model.

The following frequently asked questions and responses can provide additional information depending on the VIAVI test instrument types in use with your StrataSync account.

FAQs – StrataSync 15.0 Instrument Compatibility

What happens if some meters don’t get upgraded before the SS15.0 deadline?

Most VIAVI instruments can be upgraded independently via a VIAVI firmware download site, via USB memory stick or via VIAVI PC software. Please refer to Software Downloads and Updates for your specific test instrument (asset) types or contact VIAVI Technical Support for guidance.

2. What if meters have anti-theft enabled?

  • For SS15.0-compatible instruments that are already supported or have been upgraded to a required minimum firmware version, there will be no impact to the instrument.
  • For SS15.0-compatible instruments that require upgrading to a required minimum firmware version there are 2 options:
    – Upgrade to minimum required firmware version prior to the SS15.0 upgrade. See Minimum Firmware Requirements.

    – Disable anti-theft for the asset type and at the account or sub-organization level associated with the assets in question. Sync these assets to StrataSync at least once prior to the SS15.0 upgrade to remove anti-theft. After the SS15.0 upgrade, once all assets have been upgraded to SS15.0-compatible minimum firmware versions, anti-theft can be re-enabled.

  • For SS15.0-deprecated instruments (e.g. DSAM), anti-theft MUST be disabled (if currently enabled) for the asset type and ALL impacted assets MUST synchronize with StrataSync at least once prior to the SS15.0 upgrade, otherwise these units may lock according to the number of days and/or number of power cycles values (since last synced) provisioned. If any unit locks after the SS15.0 upgrade, the only way to unlock it would be to return it to a VIAVI-authorized repair center (at the customer’s expense).

3. How can I find out how to upgrade the firmware on my SS15.0-compatible instruments?

In the StrataSync web browser user interface, the ‘Help’ section contains the latest User Guide (Chapter 5 “Assets”) contains a section “Updating firmware” which contains details concerning how to manage deployment of new firmware on a per-asset type basis. Alternatively, customers can call VIAVI Technical Support for assistance.

4. Can I still use SS15.0-deprecated test instruments?

SS15.0-deprecated test instruments can still be used after the SS15.0 upgrade (but please see Q:
What if meters have anti-theft enabled?), but they will no longer sync to StrataSync. Please see
Discontinued Products and the Support Portal for more details concerning support for these

5. What happens to floating options on T-BERD/MTS-5800 V1s after the SS15.0 upgrade?

As the StrataSync system is required to support retrieving and returning floating software options from compatible VIAVI test instruments, any floating options still associated with SS15.0-deprecated assets will be stranded on those assets (effectively becoming permanent options on those assets) and will not be able to be returned to StrataSync for use with SS15.0-compatible instruments after the SS15.0 upgrade. Customers who wish to continue using these floating options with SS15.0-compatible instruments must connect the deprecated instruments to StrataSync prior to the SS15.0 upgrade to return the options.

6. Will deprecated test instrument records disappear after the SS15.0 upgrade?

Asset records will be kept as long as the StrataSync account is active. Any test results uploaded for these asset types prior to the SS15.0 upgrade will be stored according to the account’s licensed test data retention period (35 days for CORE/BASE accounts, and 1 year for licensed accounts). Some manual edits to these records will continue to be supported (e.g. manual update to the calibration

Minimum Firmware Requirements

To maintain device connectivity beyond StrataSync version 15.0 (planned 3-Dec-2022)

InstrumentMinimum-Firmware-VersionRelease date
AIM2v5. -b1200-d0055 June 2022
CellAdvisor 5Gv3.5.0April 2022
CellAdvisor (BSA/CAA/RFA/SiA)v3.012.043March 2022
HST-3000v9.0.8February 2022
OneAdvisor ONA-800Mainframe v3.5.0 April 2022
OneAdvisor ONA-1000Transport v3.1.0 May 2022
OneExpert CATVv4.8.16 February 2022
OneExpert DSLv10.8.13February 2022
OneExpert DSPv2.11.3March 2022
OptimeterFiber Optics v21.62November 2022
SmartOTDRFiber Optics v21.62November 2022
T-BERD/MTS 2000 V2, T-BERD/MTS 4000 V2Fiber Optics v21.62November 2022
T-BERD/MTS 6000A V2, T-BERD/MTS 8000 V2Fiber Optics v21.68 March 2022
T-BERD/MTS 5800 V2, 5800-lOOG,5882BERT v30.2.1Planned September 2022
SmartClass 4800/4800PBERT v30.2.1Planned September 2022
MAP-2100BERT v30.2.1Planned September 2022
AVX-1OKv2.l.7February 2022
CX300v1.1.0July 2022
VSE-1100v2.5.5Planned September 2022

Update your Viavi test equipment now

In StrataSync version 15.0 (scheduled 3-Dec-2022), some older devices are no longer supported, and others require a firmware upgrade to connect after 15.0.