HUBER+SUHNER accelerates FTTH rollout with new RESA connection and self-installation solution

With RESA, the new and first modular Fibe to the Home (FTTH) connection system from HUBER+SUHNER on the market, partial installation of fibre optics by the subscriber himself is possible.

Designed for residential and commercial suburban and rural areas, the new RESA solution offers an alternative and simple installation option for both network operators and end-users. RESA reduces the cost, time and resources required by operators to deploy FTTH networks, while offering subscribers greater convenience and choice.

“We are pleased that RESA is accelerating FTTH rollout, supporting an important industry objective,” said Daniel Berz, Market Manager for Fixed Access Network at HUBER+SUHNER. “The convenience and flexibility for customers will also make a big contribution to operators’ network rollout by enabling them to deploy more FTTH installations in less time and at lower cost…”



The modular solution is divided into two phases: Homes Passed and Homes Connected. In the first phase, operators install the RESA splice box (SC) underground. In the second phase, subscribers, who have no knowledge of fibre optics, are given simple instructions to install the last metres of the FTTH connection on their property as they wish.

Daniel Berz continues, “The design significantly reduces the time and resources required by the operator to coordinate FTTH installations in multiple properties. The plug and play functionality ensures ease of installation, streamlining the process and allowing for customisation depending on connectivity needs.

It’s really ideal for FTTH rollouts in rural or suburban residential areas where there are many single or two-family homes.”

The new RESA solution from HUBER+SUHNER consists of the RESA BEP (top) and the RESA SC (bottom) with the Q-ODC 2 Mini connector.

The first RESA part is laid in one step by the operator, reducing what used to be a time-consuming and costly process. Customer satisfaction is improved due to the reduced waiting time for the FTTH roll-out and the elimination of the workload for installers on their own private property.

The modular connectivity solution includes the buried RESA Splice Box (RESA SC), the pre-terminated Building Entry Point (RESA BEP) module and Q-ODC-2 mini cables. The modules can withstand harsh outdoor conditions (IP68) in a variety of climates and provide customers with long-term FTTH network connectivity.