ANEDIS supports social projects – 2017

For years now, it has become a good habit for us to donate a large share of the money provided for gifts for our customers and suppliers at Christmas in support of social projects. This year we will support with an amount of 2,000 Euro: für Kinder, die uns brauchen e. V.

This non-profit organization helps children and young people who are ill, mentally and physically disabled or who have come under distress. Sweet Sweet Smile combines the strength of many helping hands and has already been able to provide helpful support in many projects. This year the following two projects of this organization will be supported with our donation:

  • The assisted living centre for children “Ninos Kinderhaus” in Amberg will receive a special positioning pillow for the pain-free position of severely multiple disabled children enabling the work with these children with a higher flexibility regarding the location.
  • For therapy and assistance of a ten years old girl suffer from absenceepilepsy the purchase of a specially trained assistance dog is highly recommended for increase the girl’s quality of life considerably. With our donation we will support the purchase and training of the dog.