ANEDIS support social projects

For years now, it has become a good habit for us to donate a large share of the money provided for gifts for our customers and suppliers at Christmas in support of social projects. As we did last year, the following projects will each receive EUR 2,000 from us:


1 für Kinder, die uns brauchen e. V.


This non-profit organization helps children and young people who are ill, mentally and physically disabled or who have come under distress. Sweet Sweet Smile combines the strength of many helping hands and has already been able to provide helpful support in many projects. This year, just two facilities can be delighted to receive financial support from us: The Frühförderstelle (early intervention centre) in Schwandorf which will be equipped with work and play materials to render assistance to children with autism spectrum disorders, and the Jugendhilfestation (youth aid centre) in Amberg which can improve the opportunities for leisure time activities for youngsters.


2 Parkour Regensburg


This association is engaged in the promotion of the arts of movement parkour and free running. With its attractive offers, the association promotes the personal development of children and young adults whilst actively involving them into the club life.

Thanks to the combined efforts and huge commitment of many volunteers, this year saw the opening of the first professional non-profit parkour hall in Germany. Our donation is a contribution to finance the operating costs.